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24 Hours in Milan

22 Feb
Meep Meep!

Meep Meep!

After traveling all night, we touch down in Milan at 8am. By the time we clear customs, pick up an Italian SIM, and board the train, it’s after 10am. We drop our bags at our apartment just around the corner from Piazza Duomo and quickly make our way to a lunch of pizza and beer in a basement, it was like high school, but better, much better. Forget that shredded bulk “cheese” and freezer burned sausage (that’s probably mostly soy anyway), these melted mounds of mozzarella and halved balls of sweet sausage are what pizza is all about. Where was this when I was in high school? Why did they let me eat that frozen crap?

We stumble down the road a little further to Pasticceria Marchesi where, drunk on exhaustion, we order two cappuccinos, an espresso macchiato, and latte macchiato. The caffeine jolted our bodies to function, but our minds remained in a fog. Continue reading