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The Gates of Babylon

16 Sep

Pergamon 2The Ishtar Gate, the eighth gate to the inner city of Babylon, once one of the Seven Wonders of the World, and still a high ranking bucket list item for me. I chose my hotel specifically for its proximity to The Pergamon, a world renowned museum, and the modern era home of Nebuchadnezzar’s great gate. In the mornings as I walk past The Pergamon on my way to a nearby cafe I look towards it, the sun rising over the imposing building, lighting the empty courtyard with delicate morning rays. Continue reading


Dinner on the Spree

12 Sep

spree 2I’m looking for a new restaurant, I’ve eaten at the Italian cafe on the water overlooking the Berliner Dom at least once a day. No mater what direction I start walking, the curving streets I turn down always bring me back there. It’s nearing 8:30, I’m famished from a day in the hot sun, and so far the offering I’ve found are quick-stop tourist spots, I see the cafe ahead, so I return.

The wheat-gold light of the setting sun is gently lighting the surfaces and filling the spaces of the Berliner Dom. The angels on the rooftop seem to be reaching to the sun, while the reaper-like character stands, back turned with a cloak covering most of its down-turned head. Continue reading

Bird Friends

11 Sep

IMG_6205As I sip my cafe au lait and eat my Pariser Frühstuck a little brown bird perches itself on my table and looks at me inquisitively. I looked back. And suddenly, with a flick of his tiny head, he takes a bite out of my baguette. Continue reading

First coffee

11 Sep

breakfast 2I wake at 8am, but take my time rising from bed and am almost equally slow in dressing for the day. I arrive at Cafe Einstein around 10am, I sit at one of four tables in the back under an ivy canopy. Continue reading