Check out my Youth Code interview in the latest issue of Auxiliary Magazine

25 Oct
Click the awesome image here to check out more, or pick up the print edition, because it's full of all kinds of cool stuff.

Click here to check out more, or pick up the print edition, because it’s full of all kinds of cool stuff.


New White Buffalo video on MTVU, seriously, check it out.

5 Sep
Credit: Myriam Santos

Credit: Myriam Santos

If you aren’t familiar with The White Buffalo (not really a buffalo), it’s time to get acquainted. Oh and look here, I have the perfect way, MTVU premiered his video for the song “Don’t You Want It” today. Continue reading

The First Time I Saw Star Trek

27 Jul

st logoI don’t know why I remember the first time I saw Star Trek. I don’t remember most things, but that night remains clear. I woke up alone in the room I shared with my sister. I could hear voices coming from the television in the living room but it was black in my room with only a sliver of blue-grey light coming from under the door. Continue reading

Seeing Lucero in LA was a trip.

15 May

luceroA decade ago or so I lived well below the poverty line. I worked hard, ate rarely, and spent a lot time in the kind of bars most people think only exist in old country songs. One afternoon I was drinking a Stag and working on my scooter while my bread baked. A disheveled young man walked up and said, “You’re gonna love this.” Stoned and smiling bashfully he handed me a CD. I remember the way the afternoon sun lit every crevice of the world without shining too brightly, the smell from the kitchen, and the crackle in my grandpa’s old Hank Williams vinyl as I looked at the broken CD case in my hand. It was Lucero’s self titled album and it became the soundtrack to that summer. Continue reading

You can break our bones, but don’t you dare speak ill of Vin Scully!

12 Apr
You tell em Ron!

You tell em Ron!

I know I’m embarrassed by the idiots that happen to sometimes like the same things as myself, and so let me start by apologizing to any Padres fans that happen to possess tact or class-it seems the idiots are drowning you out right now.

For those that didn’t see the game, or have only read a blog post or two, let me, somebody that has now spent (embarrassingly) several hours reviewing the footage break it down for you as simply and clearly as possible: Continue reading

My interview with Douglas McCarthy for Auxiliary

10 Apr


Continue reading

I’m broken.

17 Mar

I’m so ashamed. Humiliated even. This is what happens when you get older, you become more fragile, and your ability to heal slows like time approaching a black hole. Continue reading