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You can break our bones, but don’t you dare speak ill of Vin Scully!

12 Apr
You tell em Ron!

You tell em Ron!

I know I’m embarrassed by the idiots that happen to sometimes like the same things as myself, and so let me start by apologizing to any Padres fans that happen to possess tact or class-it seems the idiots are drowning you out right now.

For those that didn’t see the game, or have only read a blog post or two, let me, somebody that has now spent (embarrassingly) several hours reviewing the footage break it down for you as simply and clearly as possible: Continue reading


Stan Musial is everything I love about baseball.

20 Jan
"How good was Stan Musial?" Vin Scully once said, "He was good enough to take your breath away."

“How good was Stan Musial?” legendary Dodgers announcer Vin Scully once said, “He was good enough to take your breath away.”

I don’t have any personal stories about Stan Musial, I never met him, I never got his autograph, I didn’t shake his hand then not wash my hand for three years (and to the kid that did do that, gross). But, Stan Musial still has a very special place in my heart, mostly based on the stories of others. Sure, his statistics are great–and impeccably balanced (1,815 hits at home, 1,815 on the road; his first game, he got two base hits in a 3-2 Cards win, in his last game Musial got two base hits in a 3-2 Cards win), but it’s the stories about the human being that I love. Bob Gibson once said, “Stan Musial is the nicest man I ever met in baseball. And, to be honest, I can’t relate to that.” And who can? Who can relate to being overwhelmingly the nicest person in anything? Continue reading

The LA Galaxy won the MLS Cup, David Beckham played his last game with the Galaxy…and I was there!

3 Dec

20121203-134646.jpgI’ve held the MLS cup in my hands (I even almost broke it), but this was my first championship game in any sport, so, you know *squee* Continue reading

Best of LA, according to me.

4 Oct

The two Best of LA collectible covers. What’s a girl gotta do to get that headpiece?

This year’s ginormous LA Weekly, Best of LA issue is out today! And I have a number of entries. These be they, also go pick it up, the artwork by Darrick Rainey is awesome. There’s no way the uninspired actress, Angelina Jolie’s Meleficent will ever live up to his on one of the two covers. No way. Also, I desperately want that headpiece. Oh hell yes.







And somewhere, I haven’t found yet Amie Nicole was awarded best personal trainer. Cause she’s the shit, and a rock star!

Star Trek night at Dodger Stadium

4 Aug

The first ever Star Trek night at Dodger Stadium was tonight, it was amazing. Shatner threw out the first pitch, Spock jersey T’s were handed out, and bottomless hot dogs and nachos were piled up. It was heavenly.

View from the Star Trek section

I had planned my outfit well in advance. It was a hit, totally worth it.

Continue reading

A very special Dodger experience indeed

3 Aug

I was invited to have a “truly special Dodgers experience” this week. Oh, really? “truly special” you say? “Dodgers experience” you say? Continue reading

David Beckham & his miracle ball – my new hero

3 Jul

This weekend The Galaxy played San Jose (and sadly lost). But, it was still the greatest moment of 2012 MLS play. We all recognize – and most of us loathe – the fake injuries. Players throwing themselves to the ground in fits of falsified agony have become the soccer stereotype. Embarrassingly, the go-to insult in many other sports when a player doesn’t get up right away is to call them a soccer player. It’s a plague on one of the greatest sports of all time. Continue reading