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Check out my Youth Code interview in the latest issue of Auxiliary Magazine

25 Oct
Click the awesome image here to check out more, or pick up the print edition, because it's full of all kinds of cool stuff.

Click here to check out more, or pick up the print edition, because it’s full of all kinds of cool stuff.


New White Buffalo video on MTVU, seriously, check it out.

5 Sep
Credit: Myriam Santos

Credit: Myriam Santos

If you aren’t familiar with The White Buffalo (not really a buffalo), it’s time to get acquainted. Oh and look here, I have the perfect way, MTVU premiered his video for the song “Don’t You Want It” today. Continue reading

Seeing Lucero in LA was a trip.

15 May

luceroA decade ago or so I lived well below the poverty line. I worked hard, ate rarely, and spent a lot time in the kind of bars most people think only exist in old country songs. One afternoon I was drinking a Stag and working on my scooter while my bread baked. A disheveled young man walked up and said, “You’re gonna love this.” Stoned and smiling bashfully he handed me a CD. I remember the way the afternoon sun lit every crevice of the world without shining too brightly, the smell from the kitchen, and the crackle in my grandpa’s old Hank Williams vinyl as I looked at the broken CD case in my hand. It was Lucero’s self titled album and it became the soundtrack to that summer. Continue reading

My interview with Douglas McCarthy for Auxiliary

10 Apr


Continue reading

The coast, DJM, DJ Martin Gore, hot tubs and crab claw Bloody Mary: My first road trip in a decade was kinda amazing.

18 Dec
Come on, how cute is this flyer?

Come on, how cute is this flyer?

Our pal Douglas McCarthy (who has a new album that’s amazing, it’s like if Townes Van Zandt’s cousin from the apocalyptic future made an album) told us he was DJing an event with Martin Gore to raise money for a pretty stellar group called Notes for Notes.

I’ll give you a minute to get through all those links.



Anyway, I’ve never been to Santa Barbara. That I know of. I have been on tour a couple of times and stopped off in random cities along the West Coast that I never really saw, so in all fairness, I could be wrong. But I jumped at the chance for a road trip filled with great company, beautiful views, and brilliant entertainment. Continue reading

Charities are chipping away at your childhood heroes.

12 Dec
File stolen from Guardian UK.

File stolen from Guardian UK.

I heard it first when I woke up and thought, “pft, whatever, that’s a prank.” Then I saw it again, and again, and then again on Guardian and realized it was time to accept the gut wrenching news. Nirvana is reuniting. And Paul McCartney is Kurt. Just hours prior before crawling into bed I had been discussing how much I miss and love the 90’s but reflecting on how thankful I was that Nirvana couldn’t reunite and make a crapy new track (or worse, album) like so many other great bands of the past. But alas, I was wrong. Continue reading

I saw Soundgarden at The Henry Fonda Theater in LA, it still hasn’t sunk in.

2 Dec

20121201-174213.jpgIf you’re not from LA and have never visited, you may not be aware of just what the Henry Fonda Theater is. It’s a venue that holds around a thousand people–they never oversell. It has a killer sound system. And the real key to this whole thing, it’s run by Goldenvoice. So it gets a lot of pretty insane shows. So far I’ve seen Morrissey, Nick Cave, The Killers, OMD and more there. Those shows are always amazing, and I always retire seeing a band after they play The Fonda because it’s just never, ever, ever going to get any better. Seriously, Pearl Jam, Radiohead, and any stadium or large venue band in a small, beautiful, comfortable venue…with amazing sound (this can’t be overstated, really), it’s just never, ever going to get any better. Continue reading