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Diamond goes to the dentist–and gets the root canal from hell.

30 Oct

Cartoons make it all seem so simple and painless.

I just returned from the second of three appointments with my dentist. I’m a fairly cautious person, I brush, floss, rinse, all those things the dentist tells you to do and I’ve never had much issue with my teeth. One time I was told I had a cavity, but it was so inconsequential that I didn’t notice it and the dentist filled it in just a moment without any pain.

This however, was very, very different. I was struck with a sudden, blinding pain. I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t even get out of my car to a slight temperature change without being a pulsing pain. So first thing in the morning I called my dentist and explained the issue, they argued that I needed to come in right away but I put it off to first thing the following morning–cause I’m tough as nails, or rather, I was, until I arrived at the dentist the next morning.  Continue reading


Diamond goes to the doctor!

29 Sep
I don’t like going to doctors, actually I hate it. But because my new insurance (Aetna) wanted a full screening to check for anything they could possibly use as an excuse to not give me full coverage and jack up my costs, I had to go for a physical. Their first suggestion for my primary care physician was a guy who went to school in the Cayman Islands and wasn’t board certified to practice in the US.
Wait, what? Yeah.

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Diamond, the unicorn hunter.

4 Sep

I kill unicorns dead.

Airplane bathrooms make you old.

1 Sep

A diaper might be a better option.

Airplane lavatories are an alternate universe where everyone is a 96-year-old invalid. Continue reading

Taking the Batmobile for a spin

12 Jun

So there I am, arriving home after my little brother’s graduation/military send-off gathering and I get a ring on the phone from one of my best friends in the world, the fabulous Miss Lynda Kay. She wants me to join her and her pal Brett Barris for lunch. Nobody in their right mind would say no to an offer like that that! So, I hopped in my Fiat 500 and zipped on over to Barris Kustom.


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11 Jan


Fiat in the color I almost got parked coyly near me…. But not quite next. The 500 flirtation begins.

Welcome to my nerdy world, you’ll hate it here.

14 Sep

I am grouchy, I ramble, I am full of typos and I’m nerdy. Not like the cool nerds that are into the hip new video games and wear the designer Star Wars series shoes and crap like that. Like the nerd with bad hair and bad skin that stole their school books at the end of each school year.

I’m from St. Louis but have lived in Los Angeles for almost ten years, I like bread and pie but hate condiments. I get paid to write about music-mostly metal, but I’d rather bitch and moan, so now I’m here.

I told you, you’re not going to like it here.