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Visiting Turkey was kind of like being drafted as the Doctor’s companion.

2 Jun
Homes along the Bosphorus.

Homes along the Bosphorus.

The thing that makes stories like Doctor Who, Alice in Wonderland, Stargate, and all that vampire crap so wonderful to the viewers is that they offer you the idea that there is something more to this world, something magical, beyond your office, beyond your daily commute, beyond life as we know it. They offer the viewer the possibility that maybe someday The Doctor, Lieutenant General George Hammond, or Dr. Allison Blake will come knocking on their door. My first trip to Istanbul was that magical.  Continue reading


When stealing from your coworkers isn’t enough, mess with their stuff and leave behind your trash.

11 Jan

butter 2Here’s the thing. I fully expected people to “borrow” butter from me when I put it in the fridge. This isn’t my first time using a communal fridge, and while I work with adults in a regular office environment, I don’t expect my coworkers to behave like civil adult human beings.

What I didn’t expect however was to go through almost a whole tub of butter in a week. Or for people to carve penis shapes in the butter with a spoon. The most terrible offense of them all though: CRUMBS! WHO LEFT BEHIND THESE CRUMBS!? HULK SMASH!

The coast, DJM, DJ Martin Gore, hot tubs and crab claw Bloody Mary: My first road trip in a decade was kinda amazing.

18 Dec
Come on, how cute is this flyer?

Come on, how cute is this flyer?

Our pal Douglas McCarthy (who has a new album that’s amazing, it’s like if Townes Van Zandt’s cousin from the apocalyptic future made an album) told us he was DJing an event with Martin Gore to raise money for a pretty stellar group called Notes for Notes.

I’ll give you a minute to get through all those links.



Anyway, I’ve never been to Santa Barbara. That I know of. I have been on tour a couple of times and stopped off in random cities along the West Coast that I never really saw, so in all fairness, I could be wrong. But I jumped at the chance for a road trip filled with great company, beautiful views, and brilliant entertainment. Continue reading

Dr. Who TARDIS cake at Duff’s Cakemix.

26 Nov

20121125-195857.jpgI made an awesome Dr. Who cake because I’m freaking awesome! Okay, I just decorated it, and I had a little help….maybe a lot of help, but whatever, point is, I made a TARDIS cake and it’s awesome! Continue reading

I <3 Blaze Pizza!

20 Nov

New pizza joint in Pasadena, Blaze, it’s great, and it’s open till ten (which is late for Pasadena). Plus they have beer and deserts. Love it!


Oktoberfest should be all year.

23 Oct

If you read my blog or know anything about me you know that Oktoberfest is my favorite time of year. So this year I broke out the dirndl and the annual voyage to Alpine Village.

“How many red balloons?” shouted Festmeister Hans, as the packed tent cheered the Heino girls began throwing bags of red balloons into the crowd and the band played 99 Luftballons. Continue reading

Happy National Cake Decorating Day!

10 Oct


Getting the space ready for cake party. Portioning all the ingredients and making sure all of the bowls and measuring cups match, because we’re classy like that.

Today is national cake decorating day. Yes, that’s a real thing. So to honor it, I decorated cakes with friends. Well, a friend, Hazel. While we did most of the decorating, John and Doug did most of the drinking. What kind of cake party doesn’t include a beer tasting, right? Continue reading