Bird Friends

11 Sep

IMG_6205As I sip my cafe au lait and eat my Pariser Frühstuck a little brown bird perches itself on my table and looks at me inquisitively. I looked back. And suddenly, with a flick of his tiny head, he takes a bite out of my baguette. IMG_6204I laugh at his mad boldness and he flutters away to toddle around my feet for a bit. When he’s bored of this he returns to the table for another bite from his portion of the baguette. Another little brown bird joins us and begins to eat at the bread. Within moments, four little brown birds, including a slightly battered one with spots of baldness are feasting on bits of bread larger than they are.

IMG_6207I pull my croissant close and continue to read as they gorge themselves. Aside from a couple Chinese tourists nobody seems to take notice. Eventually they flutter to the sidewalk and dance excitedly around a bicycle. The waitress removes my basket of bread, torn apart by my guests. They’re still hopping cheerfully in the sun, and I continue to read, inter den linden.


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