The First Time I Saw Star Trek

27 Jul

st logoI don’t know why I remember the first time I saw Star Trek. I don’t remember most things, but that night remains clear. I woke up alone in the room I shared with my sister. I could hear voices coming from the television in the living room but it was black in my room with only a sliver of blue-grey light coming from under the door.

Slowly I climbed out of bed and crept towards the door, careful to not make a sound. Our house was less than a decade away from being 100 years old and was often moaning and cracking. Pushing against the brass doorknob as I turned the ancient piece to force its silence I slowly opened the door.

Crawling on my hands and knees I made my way around the corner. My weight shifting from hand to leg to hand, I could feel my weight pour over the floor like spilled molasses. Finally I had traveled the five feet out my door and around the corner.

st holoI peered around the wall to see my parents and oldest sister curled up on the couch together, all completely enthralled. I looked to the TV, a woman in a black jumpsuit with blue details examined a man in a similar jumpsuit with red details. His arm had been broken and repaired without his knowledge. I was terrified immediately.

st schThe episode was “Schisms” and I watched intensely for the remainder of it. Throughout the episode members of the Enterprise were abducted by an unknown alien species and experimented on. They levitated above their beds and floated through a hole in space onto the medical tables of three-fingered beasts who performed heinous acts on them. Their claw-like hands clicked as they worked. Patients were awake, but every day when they awoke the events that had passed seemed like a fleeting dream.

st clawsI don’t remember how I snuck back into my room. To this day both of my parents insist they didn’t know I was watching with them, though it’s hard to believe I was actually that stealthy. Maybe I was. Star Trek remains a favorite of everyone in my family, I can talk for hours with my dad about our favorite writers, I can take my mom to conventions and know that she will push me out of the way to beat me to a Star Trek display.

My older sister is the only one in the family that’s a bigger fan of TOS, we’re still hoping for her TNG conversion, because, seriously.


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