You can break our bones, but don’t you dare speak ill of Vin Scully!

12 Apr
You tell em Ron!

You tell em Ron!

I know I’m embarrassed by the idiots that happen to sometimes like the same things as myself, and so let me start by apologizing to any Padres fans that happen to possess tact or class-it seems the idiots are drowning you out right now.

For those that didn’t see the game, or have only read a blog post or two, let me, somebody that has now spent (embarrassingly) several hours reviewing the footage break it down for you as simply and clearly as possible:

This would be the pitch that almost nailed Kemp in the face.

This would be the pitch that almost nailed Kemp in the face.

1. Matt Kemp was nearly hit in the face by a pitch (I don’t think that really matters)

2. Greinke hits Quentin on a 3-2 count with only a one run lead, then displays disappointed body language for an instant

3. Quentin throws a fit and puffs his chest out trying to force some kind of submission from Greinke, Greinke’s disappointment turns to confusion, then frustration as he replies, “What?” – meanwhile AJ Ellis says tries to talk down Quentin

4. 230 pound Quentin has a roid-rage style freak out that included not only running the mound, but a hockey style beating on 192 pound Greinke who took the hit with a dropped left shoulder-most images appear to have Greinke in what would be considered defensive postures



5. It took multiple people to pull Quentin off of Greinke and drag him off the field.

6. During all of this, both teams ran onto the field

7. As Kemp approached the area Bud Black for some reason jerks on Kemp’s left arm and pulls on his jersey

8. Kemp replies “Don’t touch me” as he turns away from Black

9. Aging, frail Black makes terrible life choices by attempting to get in 230 pound Kemp’s face and continues to claw at Kemp’s left arm

10. Kemp turns back towards Black and says, “Don’t fucking touch me” as Black screams something at Kemp – Kemp replies, “Get away from me” as he backs away from Black

11. As things calm down Greinke is led off the field by Dodger’s head trainer, Sue Falsone

A couple really classy fans right here.

A couple really classy fans right here.

12. Kemp heatedly approaches Andre Ethier who is talking with officials – one of the officials steps between Kemp and Ethier and says something to Kemp

13. Jerry Hairston, Jr. runs towards the Padres – Matt Kemp runs towards Hairston and other players

14. I haven’t been able to find any footage on why, but for some reason a number of people are pulling Kemp in different directions – perhaps all in an attempt to keep him from entering a fight, perhaps they’re all just really big fans seeking autographs, but whatever the reason, he’s pulled one way, then another

15. The entire time Kemp can be seen saying, “This is bullshit” and “Get off me” (and variations of both, some with more explicative language, some with less)

16. Kemp is led away by teammates

AP Photo/Lenny Ignelzi Looks to me like one guy is more out of control than the other-but you decide.

AP Photo/Lenny Ignelzi
Looks to me like only one guy is so out of control that they need restraining-but you decide.

17. In the garage Kemp confronts Quentin in the and asks him why he would ever do something like that

18. Quentin and Kemp end up face to face as Clayton Richard chimes in from the side

19. For some reason Clayton Richard ends up in Kemp’s face instead of Quentin-as Sons of Steve Garvey point out Richard’s face resembles The Leader at this point

20. Kemp refuses to throw a punch, but in response to Quentin’s arguments and machismo behavior replies, “We’ll see, bitch”

Very classy.

Very classy creepy dog guy, very classy.

21. Padres players apologize on behalf of Quentin to Dodgers players

22. Don Mattingly wants Quentin suspended longer than Greinke is out due to injury

23. Quentin tells press he has never behaved “in that fashion” and he’s over it – offers no apology, also has behaved this way before

Here is one video

The @Dodgers handle on Twitter was off the charts amazing, serious props to the Dodgers Social Media manager, Josh Tucker. Tactless fans of all teams came out of the woodwork, as they often do, to criticize Kemp, mock Greinke, and even mock the universally praised and loved Vin Scully. The Diamond that helps people with PR would say the only main player who handled the situation properly would be AJ Ellis. The Diamond that isn’t on the clock would say, Padres behaved abhorrently and the Dodgers should have taken the PR hit and totally destroyed them (that includes Kemp punching an old-ass Bud Black on the field and a giant foreheaded¬†Clayton Richard in the parking lot).

The Dodgers didn’t play their responses perfectly, but they still responded far better than I would have. And based on the responses from baseball “fans” they responded better than most of us would have.


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