Dr. Hooves dolls now available! [Just Kidding!]

21 Feb


Dr. Whooves, later called Time Turner, later called Dr. Hooves had a super cute doll available through Hot Topic–for a minute. It sold out. You could get him with a red or a green tie, but it wasn’t up to you, it was up to fate. And by fate I mean up to the shipping minions at Hot Topic.

dr hooves 2

dr whooves 3Time Turner has appeared in a number of episodes and been spotted with a couple slight changes. [Ehem, as you’ll see.] I’m not a follower of My Little Pony, but supposedly fans gave the character the name “Dr. Whooves” and My Little Pony ran with it. But unfortunately for us lowly Dr. Who fans there’s a rabid faction of My Little Pony Fans called Bronies and these awesome little guys sold out pretty much instantly. I assume we all know about Bronies, but if you don’t, here you go.

I’m not going to lie, I’ll be searching online auction sites for my own time turning Dr. Whooves once they’re shipped out. If anybody has an inside connection to scoring one, I’ll be forever in your debts.

What are the odds that BBC will team up with My Little Pony to make an entire series of Dr. Who Ponies? I’d buy that set. And keep it under museum glass. And force everyone who visited to see my collection of My Little Ponies. Yeah, I know, I can’t judge Bronies.

Enjoy this:


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