Charities are chipping away at your childhood heroes.

12 Dec
File stolen from Guardian UK.

File stolen from Guardian UK.

I heard it first when I woke up and thought, “pft, whatever, that’s a prank.” Then I saw it again, and again, and then again on Guardian and realized it was time to accept the gut wrenching news. Nirvana is reuniting. And Paul McCartney is Kurt. Just hours prior before crawling into bed I had been discussing how much I miss and love the 90’s but reflecting on how thankful I was that Nirvana couldn’t reunite and make a crapy new track (or worse, album) like so many other great bands of the past. But alas, I was wrong.

Fundraisers have a way of bringing together the artists you loved and displaying their loss of cool. Rarely have artists lived up to their past greatness. Charities know this. They are attacking cool. Charities and good causes hate cool things. Never trust a good cause.

Joking aside, things are still bad in the wake of Sandy, you can learn more about this concert and donating here.


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