The LA Galaxy won the MLS Cup, David Beckham played his last game with the Galaxy…and I was there!

3 Dec

20121203-134646.jpgI’ve held the MLS cup in my hands (I even almost broke it), but this was my first championship game in any sport, so, you know *squee*

20121203-140046.jpgIt was supposed to rain, but the skies held out, it was perfectly grey and comfortably cool. The fans screamed across the stadium, LA…GALAXY and DAVID….BECKHAM. 20121203-134726.jpgThe merch booths seemed to have more “Farewell Beckham” gear than Championship gear–and I’m okay with that. A man behind me in line sneered, “Beckham should be thanking us! Look at all that money he made!” I let him know that he should never run a professional sports team–or possibly anything investment based–as he clearly didn’t understand how the city, team and countless staff members have profited off marquee players.

Besides losing an underwear model and Spice Boy (by marriage but it still counts), Los Angeles is losing a strong player and the man who introduced a lot of people to MLS.20121203-134833.jpgBut here’s the reason I hate to see Beckham go, he’s a true ambassador. He shows up to local events, cheers for all of LA’s other teams, goes to shows and out to dinner without making an ass out of himself. He didn’t just do his part of bringing attention to MLS, he brought attention to everything in the city, and not in the trashy celebrity manor of the Lilo’s of the world. The city is losing not just a player, but a cheerleader. Yes, I just called David Beckham a cheerleader. Somebody get him a skirt and some poms.

20121203-140929.jpgThanks to the internet, everyone knew how it ended, when it ended, so without boring you too much with the details, allow me to relive it, because this blog is all about me. The game was intense, close, with very few chances to score. But Houston managed a point just before the first half ended. Despite knowing that there was still a whole half to go, I felt crushed when that ball hit the net. Fans grumbled as they took their bathroom and beer breaks. I sat, cringing and squeezing my scarf tight with worry.

20121203-134958.jpgThe second half was electric though. LA scored several times, sure some of those goals were disallowed, but we got to keep three of them. And that was more than enough. Buddle made an appearance near the end of the game, so my “Beckham, Donovan, Keane, Buddle” t-shirt was that much more awesome–all about me, see how it works?

LA won, the fans are still walking on a cloud, and Beckham left a champion.20121203-140426.jpg


One Response to “The LA Galaxy won the MLS Cup, David Beckham played his last game with the Galaxy…and I was there!”

  1. rmbodine December 4, 2012 at 5:34 am #

    Yay! Go galaxy! Nicely written.

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