I saw Soundgarden at The Henry Fonda Theater in LA, it still hasn’t sunk in.

2 Dec

20121201-174213.jpgIf you’re not from LA and have never visited, you may not be aware of just what the Henry Fonda Theater is. It’s a venue that holds around a thousand people–they never oversell. It has a killer sound system. And the real key to this whole thing, it’s run by Goldenvoice. So it gets a lot of pretty insane shows. So far I’ve seen Morrissey, Nick Cave, The Killers, OMD and more there. Those shows are always amazing, and I always retire seeing a band after they play The Fonda because it’s just never, ever, ever going to get any better. Seriously, Pearl Jam, Radiohead, and any stadium or large venue band in a small, beautiful, comfortable venue…with amazing sound (this can’t be overstated, really), it’s just never, ever going to get any better.

20121201-175325.jpgSoundgarden for their part were flawless. It was an unbelievably brilliant show. I hate to give any one person more glory than another but Chris Cornell is one of the greatest vocalists of all time. Absolutely stunning. The entire crowd was enthralled from beginning to end of the 2.5 hour set. There were only a couple cameras/phones raised throughout the show so I had to actually hunt to find these clips (and okay, I took two pictures during the show too. But seriously, that view, that set, that sound, mind = BLOWN!

20121201-175409.jpgIt still hasn’t set in.




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