Dr. Who TARDIS cake at Duff’s Cakemix.

26 Nov

20121125-195857.jpgI made an awesome Dr. Who cake because I’m freaking awesome! Okay, I just decorated it, and I had a little help….maybe a lot of help, but whatever, point is, I made a TARDIS cake and it’s awesome!

20121125-195957.jpgMy mom came to town and she’s kind of the baking queen so I booked us a date at Duff Goldman’s Cakemix. Also it was my BFF’s birthday so we drug her along, she wasn’t so sure about the whole thing at first but she quickly got on her baking shoes, they’re like dancing shoes but with less heal and more slip resistance.

20121125-195014.jpgI made a TARDIS cake cause cakes are awesome and Dr. Who is awesome. So, you know, duh.

20121125-200818.jpgNatasha made a record cake and spun it a lot cause she spins records.

20121125-200702.jpgMy mom made a fancy autumn cake cause she’s fancy, and also it’s autumn…get it? She spent at least an hour mixing the colors of her fondant, then another hour fussing over the exact placement of each leaf. When we finally convinced her that her cake was amazing and it was time to step away she was still unsatisfied, but despite that, I’m pretty sure it was one of her favorite adventures yet.



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