Diamond goes to the dentist–and gets the root canal from hell.

30 Oct

Cartoons make it all seem so simple and painless.

I just returned from the second of three appointments with my dentist. I’m a fairly cautious person, I brush, floss, rinse, all those things the dentist tells you to do and I’ve never had much issue with my teeth. One time I was told I had a cavity, but it was so inconsequential that I didn’t notice it and the dentist filled it in just a moment without any pain.

This however, was very, very different. I was struck with a sudden, blinding pain. I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t even get out of my car to a slight temperature change without being a pulsing pain. So first thing in the morning I called my dentist and explained the issue, they argued that I needed to come in right away but I put it off to first thing the following morning–cause I’m tough as nails, or rather, I was, until I arrived at the dentist the next morning. 

I confidently arrived thinking that I’d get a numbing ointment or a pill and be on my way. The dentist laughed at me and said that it was probably going to have to come out. Immediately. Turns out that years ago when I took an elbow to the face it killed my tooth and the root had rotted, then started rotting the tooth from the inside out and then infected the bone and gums. Oh that really IS lovely.

So he’s drilling away, pumping me full of numbing agents, drilling, plucking at the nerves and after a four-hour long adventure at the dentist’s office they filled my tooth and gums full of antiseptics and closed it up, telling me to come back a week later to do it again. I did. And they told me to come back a month later.

The bad news is that I’m in terrible pain and my tooth is discolored from the infection. Did I mention it’s my front tooth? It is. It’s cute. The good news however is that they don’t think they’ll have to remove it. Which is kinda bad news cause I was so toooootally gonna get a gold tooth. Awesome, right?

Obviously if Ke$ha is doing it, it’s a good idea….right?


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