Happy National Cake Decorating Day!

10 Oct


Getting the space ready for cake party. Portioning all the ingredients and making sure all of the bowls and measuring cups match, because we’re classy like that.

Today is national cake decorating day. Yes, that’s a real thing. So to honor it, I decorated cakes with friends. Well, a friend, Hazel. While we did most of the decorating, John and Doug did most of the drinking. What kind of cake party doesn’t include a beer tasting, right?

While we waited for the batch to finish we got a sneak peek at the future Complex beer list.

Why yes, that is a sour beer in my coffee mug, what? Like I said earlier, we’re classy.

Hazel getting to work with her bleeding marshmallows.

And Doug helped…sort of.

My finished cake, yes, I am eating it with a spoon right off the serving plate. Don’t hate.

The brews that fueled the most beautiful cake party ever.


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