Airplane bathrooms make you old.

1 Sep

A diaper might be a better option.

Airplane lavatories are an alternate universe where everyone is a 96-year-old invalid. You cross through the evil rip in the universal plane [the poorly adjusted accordion doors]. Once inside the closet of Alice In Wonderland levels of miniaturization you’re forced into a state of awkward you haven’t seen since puberty–except unlike when you were 13 all the bumping and fumbling hurts. Even the simplest tasks, like flushing the toilette or turning on the faucet seem impossibly confusing. No mater how cautious you are you splash water, spill soap, and drop toilette paper bits that are impossible to reach because the room is too small to bend over in. It ends up taking forever, all the bumping and fumbling was heard by those outside the bathroom, and when you exit there’s annoyed people waiting on you.

This is what the future holds for all of us.


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