A very special Dodger experience indeed

3 Aug

I was invited to have a “truly special Dodgers experience” this week. Oh, really? “truly special” you say? “Dodgers experience” you say?

In all the years I’ve been going to games I always lusted after those parking spaces right in front of the main office. Well, my time had come, upon arriving at the front gate I was given a parking pass for Lot D. I stood admiring the car in it’s spot for a moment. I live a sad life, I know.

After a history lesson from Dodgers Historian Mark Langill we are whooshed off, down, down, down further still until we are speeding through the dugout club seats and onto the field. FYI mega fans, the grounds are soft and cool, well moisturized, but not wet at all. They are, in a single word, perfect.

It was during batting practice, and almost instantly that whoever was up pounded a ball far and away, then another. I walked over to see who was causing all that damage, it was Hanley Ramirez. I was watching Hanley Ramirez during batting practice before his first game as Dodger at Dodger Stadium. Next thing you know Dee Gordon and his fluorescent green cast come bounding by, Ethier, Loney and Kemp made their way out and stood with Mattingly and members of the new ownership group

I looked over and, WTF, I see the Philip F Anschutz Trophy (FYI non soccer fans: that’s like the Stanley Cup of soccer) just sitting on the grass. Then, out walk The Galaxy. What the what!? What is happening? Apparently it’s Galaxy night. Apparently, I’m the luckiest girl in the world.

It wasn’t long before were were chatting with Ethier about his favorite restaurants around the world. That man knows his stuff, but sadly his food blog Dining with ‘Dre has been retired as a result of internet snark. You think you know food, you think you’ve been to some cool places, he’ll reply with, “If you like that, you should try this…. it’s less modern, but not strictly classical style…” I asked if he was familiar with Jonathan Gold, he confirmed he’s a fan. I totally called that.

Photo by Jon SooHoo

While Ethier was chatting away about his favorite Sardinian style restaurants Matt Kemp walked by. Slowly. With that intimidating squinted stink-face he makes. You know the one I’m talking about. He finds a kid and immediately softens, walks up and signs autographs and talks. He looks my way and says, “Hey, I know you!”

To which the people behind me all gasp and one guy even yell-whispered “That girl knows Matt Kemp!” I should clarify, I don’t actually know Matt Kemp. We aren’t having slumber parties and braiding each other’s hair. I’ve met him a couple times, I’ve interviewed him. He was just being nice, which seems to be his way, despite that terrifying squint.

When batting practice ended we were taken up to the press box where I played it super cool and took a picture of the back of Vin Scully’s head. I’m probably never going to be invited back. We were taken up to a suite with an insane view. Along the way we see Magic Johnson, later Tommy Lasdora ran past our door, no big deal.

And here’s Andre Ethier being a bad ass and the back of Vin Scully’s head. All of the photos from the day are here.


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