Hammerhead Bats: my new favorite animal besides my bald dragon dog

27 Jul

Do you see this? No, really, do. you. see. this?

It’s a thing of beauty, I want this! It is the skeletal remains of a Hammerhead Fruit Bat, aka Hypsignathus monstrosus – yeah “monstrosus.” The Hammerhead – named for the male’s bulbous head, obviously, is the largest African bat, usually he hangs out in the rainforests of central Africa. By usually, I mean, always, unless in captivity, and captivity is where I want mine. Like many bats – the Hammerhead’s skeletal remains sell for a pretty penny to art collectors, and I want one. I also want a living one. Aw, wook at its widdle smooshy facey-wacey! He’s saying, “HELLO, THIS IS BAT!”

And just because, here’s my bald dragon dog.


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