Iron Sky – UPDATED

25 Jul

I’ll be driving all the way out to the West Side (ew) to check this out. I suspect it’ll be more than worth it, but I’ll let you know…

[UPDATE] It’s the best film ever made. Okay, maybe not THE best, but it’s great. It’s not so terrible it’s great like Demonmaster, it’s purposefully bad, but it’s still awesome. Let’s face it, normally when people make things “bad” on purpose they’re just mediocre. EX: Evil Dead I vs Evil Dead II and The Room vs. everything else Tommy Wiseau has ever done.

This isn’t a film review, I’m not a film critic, so here’s just a list of the reasons why you should see it:

The production quality was surprisingly high

It’s based in the year 2018 and Sarah Palin is president – or rather, a very Sarah Palin-esque character is president

Sarah Palin character hires moon Nazis to run her re-election campaign

The Nazis drive the old Mercedes around on the moon

Every UN scene is genius

They reenact “The Bunker Scene” from Downfall (FYI, in case you live under a rock, that whole Hitler in his bunker meme, it’s from the movie Downfall)

Laibach did the soundtrack – BAM!


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