David Beckham & his miracle ball – my new hero

3 Jul

This weekend The Galaxy played San Jose (and sadly lost). But, it was still the greatest moment of 2012 MLS play. We all recognize – and most of us loathe – the fake injuries. Players throwing themselves to the ground in fits of falsified agony have become the soccer stereotype. Embarrassingly, the go-to insult in many other sports when a player doesn’t get up right away is to call them a soccer player. It’s a plague on one of the greatest sports of all time.

In stoppage time David Beckham became my new hero by flipping a giant middle finger [ahem, ball] to Sam Cronin as Cronin rolled around on the ground like he’d been set on fire. With the sweet touch of a single Beckham ball [yes, I made a ball joke], Cronin was cured, he leapt up, suddenly experiencing no pain, it was a miracle! That or, you know, he wasn’t injured in the first place. In my fantasies this is a new trend in which “injured” players are shamed, similarly to how @StealthMountain and @NeedADebitCard shame Twitter twits. The San Jose’s weird hobo-looking mascot rushed into action, getting in Beckham’s face, defending Cronin’s honor, but like his comrade, the mascot was no match for Hulkham – you don’t want to make him angry.

David Beckham Cures “Injured” Sam Cronin With His Ball:


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    […] counts), Los Angeles is losing a strong player and the man who introduced a lot of people to MLS.But here’s the reason I hate to see Beckham go, he’s a true ambassador. He shows up to local events, cheers for all of LA’s other […]

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