Dog Haus, a dog house that’s not so dog housey.

14 Jun

Meat in tube form, it’s all the rage these days, the peddlers of such goods can’t seem to churn the links out fast enough to keep up with demand. Dog Haus in Pasadena is my latest hot dog discovery – and it’s nothing like being “in the dog house.” *queue canned laughter*

Let’s address the obvious:

Like all other “Haus” establishments (ex: Haus on La Brea and COOLHAUS) there’s a strong, “we have a subscription to to Dwell” vibe. The colors, the seating, and even the fonts scream, “a graphic design student was here!” And we all enjoy mocking those modernists for their Helvetica obsession, poorly made “natural bags” and their Jettas (or if they’ve made it beyond their first real job, Audis), but we love them.

Now that I’ve addressed that:

It’s not mind blowing. Maybe that sentence was a little mind blowing considering the intro.

But it’s pretty freaking amazing. It’s junk food perfection! No, they don’t grind grommet sausages in house, or use only artisan cheeses made by some director or musician who’s run off to start a farm. It’s just pure, unadulterated junk food.

It’s where to go when you want an oversized hot dog with a quality far superior to what you’ll get at the market resting on a perfectly toasted extra thick bun, and topped with a slab of freakishly thick cut bacon, perfectly breaded onion rings and running–yet beefy–chili.

Oh and tots. They have friggin tater tots. Yeah.


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