Taking the Batmobile for a spin

12 Jun

So there I am, arriving home after my little brother’s graduation/military send-off gathering and I get a ring on the phone from one of my best friends in the world, the fabulous Miss Lynda Kay. She wants me to join her and her pal Brett Barris for lunch. Nobody in their right mind would say no to an offer like that that! So, I hopped in my Fiat 500 and zipped on over to Barris Kustom.


We then proceeded to play like elementary children on an abandoned playground with a hot rod hearse, the Munster Koach, the Batmobile, the gold car on Lynda Kay’s album cover, KITT, a replica of the Porsche Barris made for James Dean…. And the Barris toilette.

Takin’ the Batmobile for a spin.


Lookin’ to add a unique touch for your funeral?


I’m thinkin’ bout buyin’ this off Herman and Lily, waiting on the carfax.


We rummaged through boxes marked “Sammy Davis” and “Farrah.” In a box labeled “Blade Runner” were the plans George Barris used to build the car in the film — the car would become his personal ride after the film was shot. In a box with “Tron” scrawled on the side we found original film cells and concept drawings.

Sweet, sweet Hoff ass was here.



The Lynda Kay Karr – I made up that name, but I’m pushing to make it official.


Tron treasures


Told you there was a toilette.



Even the Batmobile needs to be registered.



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