Nerdist vs. Usher: Future of media morning radio throw-down!

30 May

Bet you never thought these two would have something in common.



Warning, I’m going to nerd out, and not in the fashionable Star Wars kind of way, but in an “OMG, I love working in media!” kind of way that will be most likely not enjoyable for anybody who doesn’t work in media. Whatever, you’ve been warned. Oh and there are R.O.U.S.’s.

Yes, Chris Hardwick and Usher were put in competition this morning. On KROQ Chris Hardwick discussed the future of video programing. He hit YouTube’s recent initiative to push substantial programing, the next big Apple announcement that will make traditional television practically obsolete and bowling.

On AMP Usher discussed the future of artists across all genres. He hit on the death of artist development, the worst case scenario resulting from the public’s current love of overnight sensations, their lacking depth and their inability to last. He also discussed the ray of hope that he feels is a realistic alternative in which artists like himself who were around during the days when labels invested in artist development take it upon themselves to find and mentor artists they see lasting potential in. He also discussed the state of pop music, how the cycle (of music) is currently placed, when it is likely to shift and where it’s likely to shift to.

Also, the LA Times cartoon today warns of media outlets succumbing to quick clicks and not creating quality content – a topic hit upon by both the Nerdist and Usher….If you aren’t afraid of the changes, it’s an insanely exciting time to be in media. I don’t gush often, so forgive me, I’m really excited about the current evolution going on in media.


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