Nancy Silverton’s Short Order and getting drunk on cow.

6 Apr


Like anybody with any amount of taste, I like Mozza. A lot. Furthermore, my grandparents’ ownership of a Missouri free range slaughter farm meant I grew up on a lot of killer beef, as well as rich cream products that you don’t find in California. Back in STL you can get a frozen custard on every corner, and let me tell you non St. Louisians, you have no idea just how weak and pathetic your mortal “ice cream” is next to frozen custard, you have no idea the power of real cream, at any-rate, I’m a bit of a bovine snob is what I’m getting at. When I heard that LA’s beloved and ever rigid, mozzarella importing, bread goddess, Nancy Silverton was opening a burger joint, I thought, “Good god almighty I want to go to there!”

Let’s not kid ourselves, our inner Liz Lemon took over and that’s what we all thought to ourselves. Come on people, look at that shake, just beggin to be devoured.


So. I may like burgers, even more than most red blooded Amurricans, if truth be told, but mac-n-cheese, that’s my true love. Seriously, that’s an unhealthy, dysfunctional obsession, dangerous even, mac-n-cheese should get a restraining order. So there I am, on the patio at Short Order Burgers, I look down at the small menu to see frozen custard chocolate shakes and a burger covered in Vermont cheddar mack-n-cheese. What happened next is a blur, I was drunk on cow. I completely I lost my shit. I ate the entire bleeding red burger covered in mac-n-cheese, I drank an entire desert shake…. and I… I ate a bucket of truffle covered fried potatoes with a bacon-sour-cream dipping sauce.

Don’t judge me.



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