Mixology 101, the latest installment of Mixology bars in LA.

15 Mar

Here in Los Angeles we have Mixology bars like a 14 year old has zits. Yet somehow we never grow old of them. Oh their nomtastic drinks, their delicate garnishes, they are like candy.

They have really taken mixology to a new level of commercialism this time. There’s a new chain of mixology bars opening and the first one is here in LA, at The Grove and we were there the hour they first opened their doors to fill our bellies with deliciousness and our heads with giggles. It’s called Mixology 101, it’s not as exclusive or snooty as some of LA’s other mixology joints, but the atmosphere is great, the staff is exceedingly friendly and the drinks are amazing. They pay extreme attention to detail and customer preference is at the core of each drink.


They weren't even done unpacking yet

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