I saw Moby DJ at a tiny club last night and you didn’t.

20 Jan

There were only about 150-200 people at Los Globos, none of whom were familiar with my work, I’m sure. Therefore I deduct nobody reading this was there and I’m going to take a moment right now to bask in my superiority, spoiled-ness and, okay, my good luck of hearing about the Moby pop-in when almost nobody else did.

It’s no secret I don’t generally dig electronic music, as I write this I am listening to Finntroll, but Moby is pretty awesome. Also his music doesn’t sound like aliens hijacking my stereo then my stereo breaking, so that helps.

Anyway, after a dinner of Mac & Cheese, cheese burgers and cookies & ice cream at The Edison we headed over to Los Globos, arriving with a gullet full of dairy and champagne around midnight-just in time to see Moby climb into the DJ booth.

He was pretty rad. Even when he played tracks that could never survive off of the dance floor there was an obvious defined structure so melody driven old-lady-me had a great time sitting in a back booth watching kids who weren’t born yet when Moby was a DJ.

That fuzzy thing in the middle of the photo is Moby



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