Holiday shopping for the metal fan on your list

15 Dec

First, let me preface, this is a post for people who may not really “get” metal. So for those out there that live it, breathe it, shit it, you can ignore. Or forward it to your aunt Sara who always buys you those musical instrument ties.

It’s that special time of year, the time when you have to buy things for people that you don’t really know. And what about that metal fan on your list? Maybe that Slayer shirt you’ve been seeing around, maybe they don’t already have it? Wrong. They do. That, or they don’t like this musical group, “Slayer” you’ve been seeing around. So, what do you get the metal fan on your list when you don’t really know what they have.

Well, here are a couple freash ideas, perhaps they’ll be of use.

Holy Grail, Seasons Bleedings

1349, Demonoir Box Set












Type O Negative’s super mega awesome vinyl box set

Vacation Vinyl –  no clue what they like? It may just be rock and not even metal? Gift Certificate it over at VV

Junker – not for everyone, but if you see your little metal fan looks like they smell and like they use their own filth to style their hair rather than product, these are your guys

Urban Decay, Black Palette – this one, is for the ladies.

Skingraft – Not metal in the traditional sense, but metal has definately expanded in recent years and now houses many genres and subgenres, so many that your head would spin, then explode if I tried to explain them all to you.


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