Halloween horror nights with Danzig and my private ride

8 Nov

Is there a better way to spend Halloween than with Danzig performing songs that span his entire career? Pretty sure there’s not. Yeah no. Stop trying to come up with one, cause there’s not.

We left the show pretty quick, stopped to talk to a couple pals, didn’t have any drinks and were out by one am. Despite our picket fence exit this is when things got really weird.

We were parked in what Universal Studios referred to as “VIP” parking. That’s code for crew parking. We successfully maneuvered the subcompact vehicle through the mess of golf carts and trailers, we turned out of the parking lot, again, success. That was the last success of the night so I’m going to go ahead and throw that seemingly simple task in with the wins.

A sudden thick [and fake] fog overtook the Honda Fit we were in. It was rolling down from the many haunted houses that Universal Studios sets up every Halloween. Fortunately there was a cop right in front of us so we followed them as close as possible without risk of bumping them. I’d say rear ending but I don’t know that you hit things in a Honda Fit so much as bounce off of them.

So, the lights in front of us are stop moving, the fog starts to clear and we see that there’s no longer a cop in front of us, but a tram thing. And people were getting onto it. And there was another one behind us. As the tram moved forward so do we, that’s when we saw the huge line of people staring at us. Weird.

We go a little further, the road is narrow and winding, we ended up driving down into a false cave with weird Mayan-like statues surrounding it. I looked out the window to confirm my suspicions, and sure enough I see that there are tracks on the “road.”

We’d driven onto a ride.

This is my life.


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