No Lord of the Rings concert for Los Angeles is kind of the worst thing ever, but not really.

19 Oct

I’ve been hearing about Lord of the Rings in concert for a while. A group of musicians perform live while the movie plays, not a new concept, actually rather popular these days, tell me more. Oh it’s 225 people on stage performing? They’ve brought in the Munich Symphony Orchestra, Pacific Chorale, Phoenix Boys Choir and Kaitlyn Lusk you say? My ears perked up, I went straight away to buy tickets. I didn’t make the purchase however.

Why didn’t I spend my limited funds on the great big pile of nerdy Germanophile awesome?

Because Anaheim was the closest it came to LA and the only time Anaheim counts as LA is when you’re a delusional baseball team.

Star Wars in concert came to LA. I mean, come on, why people love Star Wars is a mystery even to the show’s own narrator, Anthony Daniels. You know, Daniels, he’s the guy that played C-3PO. His best friend was the trashcan on wheels (which was the best part of the entire series).

Perhaps Star Wars in concert was more successful because of the big “Laser Light Show” aspect. People of a certain age like to attend laser light shows in an attempt to prove they aren’t old. Attendance at a laser light show, Star Wars, Zeppelin, or otherwise is pretty much the concert going equivalent of a walker. You’re still getting out, sure, but you sure as shit can’t keep up.

LOTR fans take heart, Tolkien has borne an exorbitant amount of rad as hell music. No, it’s not all soundtrack Enya-esque stuff either [though Enya does have a couple LOTR songs]. The awesome in Led Zeppelin’s “Misty Mountain Hop” and “Over the Hills and Far Away” is undeniable and in “The Battle of Evermore” Robert Plant reminds us that “the Ringwraiths ride in black.” We have offerings from Rush, Styx and even Black Sabbath with “The Wizard.”

If you like metal, the recent Tolkien salutes are too many to count. Bands like Burzum, Amon Amarth and Gorgoroth taking their names from the series. Battlelore and Nightwish are always referencing the saga and Blind Guardian even put out an entire concept album, Nightfall in Middle-Earth.

I take solace knowing that though I didn’t see Lord of the Rings in concert, I see Lord of the Rings in concert all the time.

And it’s awesome.


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