Star Trek bands are for the cool kids

21 Sep

I’m sitting here alone watching the original Star Trek Pilot instead of hanging out with friends – awesome incarnate, I know. I am just as thrilled by it now as the first time I ever Treked. I still remember it, the episode was Schisms from The Next Generation. I watched from the hall, hiding because it was past my bedtime.

My parents and my sister were watching it in the living room. It’s an episode about members of the crew being abducted and experimented on by an unknown species, their memories partially wiped after each abduction. It terrified me.

So, here are a few of my favorite Star Trek concept bands in honor Christopher Pike and all those that came after, including those that came before by way of later prequel. That’s right Bakula, I’ve got your back, I have since Quantum Leap, us St. Louisans gotta stick together.


A Swedish synthpop band called S.P.O.C.K. that dresses up in Starfleet uniforms when performing. That my friends is what you call a win.


Death Metal is awesome. Star Trek is awesome. Klingons are the shit. Stovokor is a concept death metal band based on Klingon warriors that takes their name from the Klingon land of the afterlife. If that doesn’t sell it then you probably don’t want to check this blog anymore.


VOLTAIRE [Banned on Vulcan album]
Fine, he’s not a Star Trek band but he made a Star Trek album and it’s better than a lot of Star Trek bands so there.


Los Angeles born Prog Rockers, Spock’s Beard are so pro that their ad is six and a half minutes long. I realize that the combination of two classically nerdy things, Prog Rock and Star Trek may frighten away the faint of nerd heart but for those unafraid to take that leap, here’s your reward…


Total guilty pleasure. Poppy “punk” in true California style. Take the guy that had the terrible skin and single-handedly ran the AV club in high school and look into his super empowering fantasy where he’s the hero with a guitar in one hand and a green lady in the other. That’s pretty much Warp 11.


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